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I have written for numerous publications, including:



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Stargazing: a Data Story, Diverse Educators, May 2023

Listening to international student voices, ISC Research, April 2023

Diverse Educators podcast, Series 2 - episode 2, April 2023

The Time is Now, Diverse Educators, March 2023

Stargazing: a data story, International Teacher Magazine, March 2023


Helping every student be seen, heard, known and belong, Flourishing at School podcast, December 2022

Noonchi Meets with Julian Sarafian, Noonchi Meets video podcast, December 2022

Who am I? Masks and masking in international schools, International Teacher Magazine​, October 2022


be seen. be heard. be known. belong., Diverse Educators​, September 2022


The Why of Data and Assessment, Teach Middle East Magazine, September 2022

A data-driven route to better life and learning for students (written with Ian Plant and Jim Ellis), ISL Magazine, August 2022

The Data Jigsaw... and why Triangles Matter International Teacher Magazine, August 2022


There was no one left to speak out for me, Diverse Educators, July 2022

On Kindness: Intentionality, #DEIJ, and Difficult Decisions, Diverse Educators, June 2022

The Wellbeing Data Wheel: case studies from around the world (with Fiona Carter, Kathryn King, Luci Willis, Christine Shepherd and Jeni Dellman) CIS Perspectives, June 2022

Jack and Me: what I learned about inclusivity from my transgender son, ISL Magazine, June 2022

'When they see us': a vision for visibility and voice in our schools, Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine, June 2022

'From an early age, he saw how pervasive transphobia was', COBIS blog, April 2022

In Focus: How to use data to solve the student wellbeing puzzle, republished on CIS Perspectives, March 2022

Future of Assessment webinar, ISC Research Heads Up series (episode 6), March 2022. Also released as a podcast.

'What Most Schools Miss About Student Data', Teach Middle East (podcast interview), March 2022

'From an early age, he saw how pervasive transphobia was', Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine, March 2022

Future of Assessment in International Schools, ISC Research report (collaborator), March 2022

'Stories of InterACT: Creating Inclusion and Acceptance in Our Educational Communities', SchoolRubric (interview), February 2022

Will somebody switch the light on?, Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine, December 2021

In praise of showing up, InterACT, November 2021

I think I too have known autumn too long, Diverse Educators, November 2021

The Beauty of Data: An Antidote to the Mask, International Schools Network, November 2021

30 minutes with...Matthew Savage, educational consultant, School Management plus, October 2021

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - the "why" of student-level data, Learning Ladders blog post, September 2021

Measuring what really matters (written with Dr Helen Wright), Teach Middle East Magazine, September 2021

Let's keep #wellbeingfirst in every school, Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine, September 2021


Unconditional Love Lives Here, School Rubric , July 2021

Data Mining in the Early Years (written with Fiona Carter), International School Leader Magazine, June 2021

How do we Fan the Flames of the 'Candle of Curiosity' Flickering in Early Years Classrooms Worldwide?, International Schools Network, June 2021

WISEducation podcast, episode 7, June 2021

Gender is "wibbly-wobbly" and "timey-wimey", and gloriously so, Diverse Educators blog post, April 2021

Better boards (written with Helen Wright), International Teacher Magazine, February 2021

Rescuing a generation from the COVID-19 rabbit hole, Teach Middle East Magazine, January-April 2021

Return of the mask, International Teacher Magazine, October 2020

How are you today?, #monalisaeffect blog post, September 2020

Beneath the mask: why your students' aptitude and attitude matter now more than ever, #monalisaeffect blog post, September 2020


Beneath the mask, International Teacher Magazine, May 2019

Beneath the mask, Teach Middle East Magazine, May-June 2018

What are the challenges facing international schools (panel interview), Independent Education Today, July 2017

Treasure can be hard to spot, International Education Today, January 2016

How to maximise the learning of EAL students, TES Professional, April 2015

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